Short & Sweet

Through my work history and entrepreneurial adventures, I have honed a wide variety of skills. This makes me a valuable asset to any group I have the pleasure to team forces with.

Where I’d Be a Good Fit

I seek a company that will utilize the skills I have and continually challenge me to push beyond what is expected into something extraordinary.

Personal Achievements

Built a creative team up to a group of 13 people.

Successfully launched and managed Kickstarter campaigns for nerdy products I love.

Pitched a movie in Hollywood.

Skills/Experience (listed alphabetically)
Advertising Campaigns
Brand Development
B2B & B2C Marketing
Creative Storytelling
Creative Team Leadership
Digital & Interactive Marketing
Kickstarter Execution
Logos & Icons
Manufacturing (US & Asia)
Market Expansion
Marketing Solutions
Product Packaging
Promotional Materials
Relationship Building
Trade Show Booths
Web Design
Web Development