While exploring the lands of Revilo, I headed south along the eastern edge of The Forest of the Dead.

    I accidentally snagged this little guy in one of my traps when trying to catch some small game for supper. I wasn’t sure what I would find but I was really hoping I would snare something like a rabbit. Cute little bunnies must not reside outside the Valley of Despair.

    When I went to check my traps all I could hear was a shrill screeching as the net swung frantically from the tree limbs. I was so taken aback by the horrid noises that I didn’t even notice the small tribe of Bludgers on the ground. The next thing I knew there were more than a dozen of these hairy little things screaming at me while attacking my feet with animal bone clubs.

    I quickly let the one in the net free, but somehow in the process I stepped on a different one snapping it’s neck. The rest of the tribe scurried off, and I hurried to be on my way.

    © Copyright - Brian Colin