Groblynns are an intelligent humanoid species originating in the Valley of Despair, but can now be found in most settlements throughout Revilo. They usually settle their own close-knit communities and neighborhoods alongside outlanders, or the predominant species of the region. Groblynns prefer large numbers of their own kind working together in an established settlement, and it is extremely rare to find them living in the wilderness.

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Groblynn families all have their own outlooks and opinions, because, like humans, they all have their own distinctive personalities. Not all Groblynns are friendly, and each family will have its own attitude towards the outlanders and other species. All Groblynn communities are very unified, but Groblynn families are profoundly close. It is unheard of for any single member of a family to disagree on major issues. Each family having its own outlook on outsiders lends itself to Groblynns performing a diverse variety of jobs and skills.
Physical Description
Standing at about four feet tall, birdlike Groblynns vary in shades of green. They have long pointed beaks, and ears that continue to grow as they age. The eldest in a family will can grow ears as long as half their height. Groblynns wear clothing, and their fashion styles vary greatly, depending on where they live. They usually wear similar styles to the outlanders or dominant species of that region. Except no Groblynn, no matter where they reside, will ever be found wearing a pair of shoes. Their sharp claws would ruin any garment they put on their feet within minutes.