Bone Mask

The first known use of bone masks is from many generations ago. After Creedona trapped the Veil, along with all other living things, within the Forest of the Dead it was a race against death for all of the creatures residing there. While most species were devoured one by one, several others found ways to adapt and survive.
The resourceful Grinataurs were the first to find a way to live amongst the evil taking over this newly devastated woodland. Instead of trying to fight or overpower the Unliving, the Grinataurs decided to outwit them. By placing the skulls of other fallen creatures over their faces and remaining quiet, they were able to blend in with the Unliving unnoticed. Over time these disguises were enhanced, as they became a way of life in the Forest of the Dead.
Grinataurs began carving intricate designs into their bone masks to make them unique, and a well-carved mask became a prized possession. Today, fashioning bone masks has become a form of artistry that, for those with a talent for it, can be a quite profitable trade.