The Burnadazi are believed to have evolved from some of the earliest Reapers who who settled in the Fiery Pits. They were in search of The Embreson, god of passion and heat. Over time the Burnadazi began to look less and less like their ancestors. These lizard-like bipeds have been making offerings into the volcanoes for centuries, believing that the only way to bring The Embreson back to Revilo is through sacrifice.

The current shamans are certain that their god will awaken soon and are making greater sacrifices. In the past few years raiding parties of Burnadazi have been leaving the Fiery Pits in search of new offerings.

Their tribal society lives in rocky caves inside and around the Fiery Pits with the eldest of their kind living closer to the mouth of the volcanoes. Burnadazi are rarely found alone. Where there is one, there are at least three. As a general rule they do not trust other species except for Basalites and will gladly draw blood if they feel it will cause The Embreson to smile upon them.