The Burnadazi are believed to have originated from a magical experiment the Embreson conducted on one of the first Reapers. Over time they evolved from their original incarnation into the malevolent reptiles they are now. These lizard-like bipeds have been making offerings into the volcanoes for centuries, believing sacrifice is the only way to bring their creator back to Revilo.

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Their current shamans are certain their god will awaken soon, and are pursuing greater sacrifices. In the past few years, raiding parties of Burnadazi have been leaving the Fiery Pits in search of new offerings with an alarming increase in frequency.
Their tribal society lives in rocky caves and tunnels throughout the Fiery Pits, with the eldest of the Burnadazi living closer to the mouth of the volcanoes. Traveling in packs, Burndazi are rarely found alone. Where there is one, you can be certain there are at least three more. There are few species the Burnadazi trust, the Basalites are one of the rare exceptions to this rule. Any Burnadazi, even young hatchlings, will gladly draw blood if they feel it will cause the Embreson to smile upon them.
Physical Characteristics
Burnadazi are between eight to nine feet in height when fully stretched out. Although most of the time their posture will keep them hunched over or squatting about five feet in height. They have small rock-like scales covering their backs from their heads to the small of their backs. They wear little clothing due to the temperatures of the Fiery Pits with the exception of armor. The armor a Burnadazi wears is crafted from his own kills. Apart from protection, armor is also a personal showing of the strength of their conquests.