The Cokathralis make their nests in the tallest trees of the Floating Forest where they look down on the rest of the area’s inhabitants. Cokathralis are usually seen circling the sky in groups called wakes, with their wide wingspan blocking the sun and their snake-like tails whipping about.

There are distinct features allowing one to discern the sex of a Cokathralis. Females, like Camilla, have sharp quills starting at the top of their heads and working their way down their backs. These quills are used to protect their young from predators when slithering the floor of the forest. Males have a bi-hawk ridge of fur protruding from their skulls adorned like a crown with longer fur growing off of the jaws.

From their perches they have developed a air of superiority over the other species within the Floating Forest and are very vocal about it. A distaste for their kind among the other inhabitants has been growing to match the Cokathralis’ disdain.