The Cokathralis are birdlike creatures who make their nests in the tallest trees of the Floating Forest. These haughty beasts can be seen circling the sky in groups called wakes. With their wide wingspan blocking the sunlight, they look down upon the rest of the region’s inhabitants with an air of superiority.

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From their lofty perches they have determined the pecking order for the species of the Floating Forest, and have placed themselves at the top. They tolerate those below them because there is much needed work to be done that a Cokathralis would never do. They are very comfortable vocalizing their disdain for the “bottom feeders,” and a growing resentment for the Cokathralis is spreading throughout the other inhabitants.
Physical Characteristics
There are distinct features for both male and female Cokathralis. Females have sharp quills starting at the top of their heads, and extending all the way down their backs. These quills are used to protect their young from any predators willing to climb up such great heights for a taste of their delicious young. Males have two tall ridges of plumage along either side of their skulls resembling a double mohawk. They also have long fur growing off of their jawlines, which they believe makes them look quite virile. Most Cokathralis stand an average of five to six feet tall, with a wingspan triple that.