Chelonids are a reptilian species prevalent throughout Revilo. As with other creatures that have evolved in multiple regions, Chelondis look slightly different depending on which area of Revilo they reside. Although there may be many of their kind within a specific area, they tend to live alone. As a rule, Chelonids do not enjoy the company of other Chelonids, because they always want to be the one controlling the conversation. Fights are inevitable when more than one Chelonid joins a discussion. Due to their egotistical nature, it is common for Chelonids to take centuries before finding a mate.

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Many Revilians seek out elder Chelonids in search of wisdom, as some have been known to live over five hundred years. They are known for their welcoming nature towards other species. They often encourage those who track them down to stay and keep them company for long stretches of time. All who leave them feel as though it was of their own accord to stay for so long. But, there are many who believe the gods have endowed them with a mesmerizing magic sure to enchant anyone they choose.
Physical Characteristics
Chelonids have a large, sharp beak that can easily crush bone in a single snap. Their large protective shell covering their backs is stronger than most armors, and is often used as a shield by those who find the remains of a deceased Chelonid. Their claws are sharp enough to burrow holes in solid rock and make loud tapping noises when walking across dry solid surfaces. Chelonids are born with their shells about four inches in diameter and quickly grow to forty-eight inches during their first few years. After that the growth slows tremendously, but they will continue to grow at a slow pace their entire life. Chelonids of the Fiery Pits are impervious to heat and often swim in the lava.