The Clursadar are nomadic omnivores wandering Revilo in search of food. They begin their lives in the Valley of Despair, until they reach the age to leave their mothers. Some of the Clursadsar pups are chosen by Durdenshrein families as steeds. The Clursadar then begin to explore more of Revilo through the guidance of their Durdenshrein.

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Durdenshrein are invisible. However, based on the size of their houses, they are believed to stand roughly three inches tall. When they choose a Clursadar, a Durdenshrein will build their home on the back of their mount. The Durdenshrein use their magic to protect both their dwelling and the Clursadar they ride atop.
The relationship between these two individuals is mutually beneficial. Clursadar are a gentle species who need to travel to fill their always hungry bellies. On the other hand, the Durdenshreins are some of the most talented alchemists in all of Revilo, and are always seeking rare ingredients. The Clursadars work as the ultimate means of transport, while the Durdenshreins protect them all from any who would do them harm.
Physical Characteristics
The Clursadars are large bear-like creatures with broad horns. Even after removing the horns from the head of a Clursadar, they still retain the magic the Durdenshrein have cast into them. For this reason, they are sought after by many hunters in Revilo. However, the magical protection from the Durdenshrein is extremely strong, and owning a Clursadar horn is a rare occurrence indeed.