I had been on a bit of a rough trek when I first met Doralt and the rest of his Karkathain tribe. This was the first time I had met any of their kind, and I didn’t know squat about their disposition. All I knew was that seeing those jack-o-lantern looking faces on their horns shining through the darkness of the cave made me ready to turn tail. They were big, about the size of a brown bear. They had horns coming out of their head, jaws, and one right on the tip of their nose that looked like they could cause a world of hurt if they were in the mood. As I started to pivot around to go back the way I had come, I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder… That was Doralt.

The Karkathains became fast friends, putting me up in their tunnels for a few days, and treating me like one of their own. I found Doralt’s body in the Valley of Despair after he’d died in a battle against Kaldor. I took his body in the hope of learning more of the Karkathain physiology. His head currently hangs in my study reminding me of how important it is to have friends in strange lands.