Karkathians are large intelligent creatures who prefer to live in mountain caverns. They are most prevalent in the Perilous Peaks, where the mountain ranges contain famously large cavern systems. Here they live in groups called prides with a generally higher ratio of females to males. Each pride selects the strongest male and female as their king and queen, and this diarchy determines what is best for the rest of their group.

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The Karkathians, as a whole, are a relatively peaceful species. Even though it is fairly common among the prides to have challenges for a new king or queen, it is handled in an orderly fashion as a contest of strength. It is unheard of for the Karkathian prides to go to war amongst themselves. Once a pride has claimed a section of the caverns as their own, there is never a dispute or challenge over its ownership from the others.
The Karkathians have always gotten along with most of the other intelligent societies of their region. But recently the Greyskrulls have begun to make their way north from the Badlands and into the caverns of the Perilous Peaks. It did not take long for a strong distaste of these new violent neighbors to quickly become apparent.      
Physical Characteristics
The Karkathians are very similar to kangaroos in shape and size, with horns on their snouts and going down the back of their heads and necks. They carve faces on their horns to instill fear, by intimidation rather than violence, in those who would try to attack them. The Karkathians began the widespread rumor that the faces on their horns belong to the trapped souls of those they have slain in battles. Lining the underside of these creatures from their throat to their tail is a tufted skin both strong and incredibly beautiful.
The large claws at the end of their feet are razor-sharp, and are capable of inflicting devastating blows. Each Karkathian has two faces. The smaller of the two is on the end of their snout, and looks more human while the other is much more animalistic.