Anyone traveling throughout the Icy Divide will most likely encounter a Dyoblorac. These long-tailed, mischievous creatures live in great numbers in the foothills of the mountains. All creatures who pass through should expect to be stopped by at least one band of the Dyoblorac. They are always looking to trade or barter for items from far away regions. They also usually find at least one way to steal from those they encounter.
Dyoblorac are only over a foot in height when walking on all fours. They can perch on their back legs, but very rarely walk on only two. Their large bat-like ears allow them to hear at great distances. This makes it easier for Dyobloracs to discover both new travelers and also those who are chasing them to reclaim their belongings. Sleegon are small regional birds that enjoy roosting on the tree-like spines of the Dyoblorac. These clever birds have a useful trick of singing songs about what they have seen in flight while resting on the their trusted companions’ backs.