The Erdverken travel the Badlands in groups known as cackles, preying upon any mammals crossing their scent. Their long snouts have evolved over time to include a secondary mouth which makes it easier to feed on the smaller critters who make their homes inside the cracks and crevices of this desolate region.

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Their hide is so thick and strong it is almost impenetrable to both natural and forged weapons. Sharp plates line the center of their bodies, forming another line of defense. The Erdverken have an acute sense of their surroundings. Their strong sense of smell coupled with their eight eyes makes it almost impossible to sneak up on them. Even larger creatures are challenged by Erdverken, especially when encountering a cackle. Large cackles have been known to take down some of the fiercest beasts of the region.
Physical Characteristics
Edrverken’s front shoulders stand approximately three feet off the ground, with their haunches lower to the ground. Their hides have a leathery gray appearance that blends into the rocky terrain of the Badlands. All four of their paws are equipped with sharp, razor-like claws that make easy work of slashing through anything foolish enough to stand in their way.