Galen the Ttarps

Ttarps are a small intelligent species found throughout Revilo in almost every region. There are no known cities founded by Ttarps, as they prefer to live amongst others. They live to soak in knowledge and histories. Ttarps have an uncanny way of portraying the personalities of those they write about. Because of this, they are often hired by the heads of cities as record keepers or historians.
Galen the Ttarp is one of the most well known if his kind. During the age of the Earthshatter, many generations ago, the god Scintilliam hired Galen to be his Loremaster. Prior to Scintilliam going into hibernation, he magically bound Galen’s upper torso into a pedestal, granting him immortality. It is rumored that Galen is currently somewhere deep within the Badlands, piled in a horde of treasures collected by the Greyskrulls.