Legends say that, although Leopods are still alive, they now assist the Unliving inside the Forest of the Dead. Any creature that crosses the path of a Leopod would be well advised to avert their eyes, for all who look into their swirling stare will not be long for this world.

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Leopods are one of the few species coexisting with the Unliving who wander the Forest of the Dead. Historians in Revilo believe the Veil cast an incantation on a group of Procynolites who were living in the forest upon her imprisonment. Immediately, the Procynolites were transformed by the spell. Their eyes began to spiral, creating a hypnotic stare that will stop any living creature in their tracks. Next, their insides contorted and adapted in such a way that now Leopods can only eat things that have already begun to decompose. Their speech became incoherent to the point of sounding like gibberish to anyone’s ears other than the Veil. Legends say that, although Leopods are still alive, they now assist the Unliving. 
Physical Characteristics
Leopods walk on four legs and are most reminiscent of a large cat. When standing, their shoulders can reach up to forty-eight inches with their tree-like antlers reaching slightly higher. Their front arms are leaner and end in human-like hands, while their hind legs are extremely muscular to allow for leaping through the forest. Leopod fur is striped in blue and green patterns from their head down to the tip of their tail. Their eyes all have the same unmistakable spiral, but eye color varies widely among Leopods.