Grooloks are a small intelligent species who live in the cool shadows cast by the large trees of the Floating Forest. There are many pocket colonies of these amiable creatures, both above the roots and within them. The colonies are run by a small council with representation from each family within the community.

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Although intelligent, they are a relatively simple people. Most Grooloks spend their days harvesting mushrooms and other fungi growing on the dusky forest floor. The harvests are then given to the Cokathralis in trade for the privilege of living under the cover of the Floating Forest. Cokathralis grant the colonies that have harvested the largest crop yields the best districts for their homes. Each moon cycle the reapings are tallied, and the colonies move to their new district.  
Grooloks have been seen in other parts of Revilo, but not in the numbers like those found under the cover of the Floating Forest. Their small size and trusting nature makes them easy prey for predators.
Physical Characteristics
Grooloks standing perched on their hind legs are close to two feet tall. Their hands and feet are very similar to that of a human. Groolok fur grows in rings from their head all the way to the tip of their tail, and alternates between a blue and a purple hue. Lining their backs are small bone fragments that protect their vital organs from any teeth or beaks which may come down from above. Their knotty antlers are composed of the same bone material, and are purple on males and blue on females.