Hammer of Grunthar

The mighty hammer of Grunthar was crafted by a team of brilliant Soricas from the skin of a most powerful beast. Legend says that when the gods went into hibernation their steeds and familiars roamed Revilo aimlessly ravaging anything in their path.
Anaxygosal’s* gigantic lizard had destroyed almost all of what is now the Wajue desert when a tribe of Reaper’s surrounded it. This group known as The First Tribe waged war against the lizard in a bloodbath that soaked the earth. All but one of the Reapers, named Grunthar, was slaughtered before the lizard was slain.
The remaining reaper, bloodied and near death, was healed by Sorcias who lived in tunnels underneath where the battle had taken place. These mole-like creatures are known for fusing magic with their tinkering. While Grunthar recuperated they created the most powerful hammer on Revilo from the lizard. Still partially animated the eyes of the hammer will blink and glare at its opponents. It is believed to grant the wielder many magical properties but it is hard to say what is truth and what is lore.
*Anaxygosal – God of Water, Rain, Streams (Giant frog-like creature with tentacles on its back similar to a mind flayer)
Primarily worshiped by creatures in the Depths Unknown, The Salty Mounth, and The Marsh