Horvaths are a small burrowing creature much like rabbits inhabiting the Perilous Peaks. They dig small networks of tunnels around the prevalent cavern systems within the mountains. These simple animals feed on the insects occupying the caverns and on the fungi growing there.

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Horvaths, known as Parvies by the Karkathians and other species that occupy the mountains, used to be found in great abundance. Due to their speed and the widespread locations of burrow holes, these fast little diggers have never had much trouble escaping danger. However, all that changed when Baron Murk Von Horvath came across a Parvy hide.
Parvies come in a wide range of bright hues and have beautifully tufted skin that feels like soft leather. When Murk was presented this stunning hide for trade he knew he could fetch an ample price for these marvelous pelts. Since the outlanders did not have a name for this species, he quickly named them after himself. He sent hunters into the Perilous Peaks to catch them all.   
Physical Characteristics
The majority of a Horvath’s body has a hardened leathery exterior, providing them with protection from predators. The tufted skin along their tops is both strong yet incredibly beautiful. These hides have become extremely sought after by the new outlanders of Revilo. These small creatures are born in a wide variety of colors with no rhyme or reason to their appearance. A litter can have up to six different pups, each with their own hue.