Known for weaving stories into his musical presentations, Jakaj could charm any audience and captivate even the most hostile of hosts. This statue has been long sought after by many who believe it magically makes its owner more like Jakaj. It is said that the statue retains Jakaj’s inspiring charm because it was carved out of a bone from his leg and dipped in copper.

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The Bard of Revilo has taken shape in many forms, passing from one being to another, as they continue the legacy of chronicling the history of this land. The very first mention of the Bard is seen in the earliest writings about the Reapers. This statue of Jakaj, one of the Bards, dates back eight hundred years. Jakah spent most of his life writing about how the Sorcias expanded from their great city of Dalakbruel to additional steam-powered settlements in the Wajue.