Not long after the Reaper council was created they discovered that there was a small sect of Reapers worshipping Ghyrma. When this was uncovered, those devoted to their original creator were banished from the Icy Divide. Greyskrull, the first of his name, took charge of the group, and they wandered Revilo until finally settling in the Badlands. These Reapers have evolved over time into the fiercest beasts in the Badlands.

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Like many of the other Reaper tribes, the Greyskrulls physically evolved over time to better suit their new surroundings. As generations told the story of being exiled, the bitterness towards other Reapers grew into a hatred now at the heart of the Greyskrull way of life. This mindset allowed their current ruler, King Kaldor, to assure the rest of the Greyskrulls they are descendants of the original Reapers, thus making Revilo rightfully theirs to take back. Since Kaldor’s reign, Greyskrulls have advanced north from the Badlands and into the Perilous Peaks. A sense of foreboding grows amongst the perceptive creatures of Revilo, as word spreads that the Greyskrulls have made an alliance with Baron Murk Von Horvath in Murk’s Hollow.

Physical Characteristics
Greyskrulls stand close to six feet in height, with a careless slouch to their posture. Their skin ranges from purple to blue tones, darkening the more they are exposed to the sun. Their top head is very animalistic, and is quick to snap a bite at anyone or anything that might agitate it. Their lower head controls the arms, legs, and commands the body. Greyskrull bodies are armed with both poisonous quills on their heads, and a natural armor of bone growths along their backs.