The Laminariales are often seen swimming in the waters off the coast of the Salts. Amphibious by nature, they split their time between the water and the island shore. Anaxygosal, the god of water, has granted their kind an uncanny ability to move through the ocean with ease. The Laminariales skillful ease when gliding through the overpowering current is attributed to their devotion to him.

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Laminariales have a large village on this coastal island. They have also set up the Ship Trading Post on the shore of the mainland right next to the main estuary of the Revilian rivers. Inside the walls of a wrecked sea vessel, they dry and smoke a portion of the fish that they catch. Being positioned next to this popular waterway allows them to trade with merchants from other parts of Revilo who are in search of the delicacies from the sea.
Laminariales have a special relationship with the Nanti Reapers, and they have been been friends for many eras. Laminariales will relay messages to the other Reapers tribes on behalf of the Nanti.

Physical Characteristics
Though Laminariales have a strong tail, they do not stand fully upright. They walk on the tops of their hands, dragging their long tail and fin behind them. To aid in swimming, Laminariales have have dorsal fins near their shoulder bones and tailbone, and their hands and feet are webbed. The coloration of Laminariales ranges in different hues of green. This helps them blend in with the kelp growing in the waters of the Salts.