Procynolites are wise creatures most commonly found in the Floating Forest, where they make their homes inside the trunks of the Tupuna trees. These enormous trees are said to be as old as the world itself. The Procynolites have a curious bond with the Tupuna trees that seems to give them an innate magical ability which intensifies their wisdom beyond their years.

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Even though they live at a lower elevation in the forest, the clever Procynolites pull the strings of the bureaucracy reigning over the Floating Forest. The self-proclaimed rulers of the forest, the Cokathralis, are just as incompetent as they are egotistical. The only thing they hate more than the idea of losing their social standing is actually having to do anything productive. While the Cokathralis fly through the sky in fun, the Procynolites actually maintain balance within the forest. At times, the Procynolites’ direct way of speaking can seem shocking or even come across as condescension. However, in truth their experience has resolved that truthful and straightforward interactions are the only way to communicate if one wishes to be truly understood.
Physical Characteristics
Procynolites have both a set of hands and a set of feet, and walk on all fours. They have long prehensile tails used to swing from the tree limbs. Procynolite fur can be a wide range of colors, and many have rings of alternating colors on their tails. The Procynolite’s age can be estimated by the length of the tree-like horns growing from their heads. These horns supposedly play a large role in their peculiar connection with the Tupuna trees.