Living high above the rest of Revilo the Procyonalite’s have a well established society in the Floating Forest. They find their homes in the hollowed out trunks of trees as old as the world itself. As the forest floats above the rest of the continent, the tree roots dangle down to the ground level of Revilo. Much like the Floating Forest they see themselves as being a bit above the rest of the land, calling those who live below the Bottom Dwellers. Even with their condescending attitude, these ring-tailed creatures are known throughout Revilo for their fair and just wisdom. Lucia in particular is often sought out by some of the bottom dwellers for guidance. Unlike most of the other Procyonalites he has a small door on his chest. When opening the door any creature that looks through the gateway can get a glimpse into their own mind for better understanding and clarity. This is most often helpful when there is inner conflict with extremely hard choices to make.

The Floating Forest

Procyonalite (Pro • Si • On • A • Lite)