The Mushwooken are carnivorous mammals living in the frozen forests of the Icy Divide. They spend most of their time on the floor of the forest, but are adept at climbing trees and using their hands to manipulate rocks and sticks as tools.

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It is rare to find more than one Mushwooken at a time, aside from a mother with her cubs. However, once a year during the three moon equinox, all able-bodied Mushwooken migrate to the Goorooq Valley in the Icy Divide. The equinox is three full days and nights of eating fish and socializing. Once the gathering has ended, these solitary creatures part ways and return to the territory of the forest they have marked.
Physical Characteristics
Mushwooken fur is dense and glossy. This dense coat protects them from the cold temperatures of the Icy Divide. Lining their backs is a hard stonelike shell that protects them from predators. Their antlers are used for both a perch for small birds to land on before being eaten, and as a weapon during attacks.