Neergnas can be found hanging among the stalactites formed in the tunnels underneath the Wajue Desert. Their large ears allow them to hear prey, such as insects and small rodents, traveling miles away throughout the shafts. This keen sense of hearing has proven useful to the Sorcias who have trained many of the Neergnas to act as watch for any impending troubles entering into the tunnels.

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When a colony of Neergnas feels threatened they release a shrill, high pitched scream. As the sound echos and bounces through the tunnels, the shrieks can easily cause surface dwellers to go temporarily deaf. Neergnas prefer to hang or fly, and are rarely found standing on their weak hind legs. Magical rocks grow on the chests and heads of these aerial beasts, and cast a slight glow. These fascinating growths are sought out for spellcasting and forging magical items. However, catching a Neergna is quite the challenge, so the rocks are extremely valuable.

Physical Characteristics
The average height of a Neergnas is eighteen inches ears to toes, with their wingspan reaching up to three feet. Small hands at the end of their wings function only for menial tasks, and are not equipped for precise manual dexterity. Their large ears twitch and turn at the slightest of sounds giving them a sense of everything near them. The magical stones on their chests and heads act as homing beacons so they never lose their colony.