The Nosnibor are a resourceful and resilient species making their homes in the sprawling cavern system known as the Catacombs, underneath the Badlands. Even though the Badlands are inhospitable to most, the Nosnibor have adapted. They avoid the wrath of the Greyskrulls by utilizing a genetic abnormality passed down for generations which allows them to literally blend into the walls.

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Their skin has a chameleon-like quality, and can change color to instantly match their surroundings. The Nosnibors have also become great craftsmen of incredibly disguised secret doors. An entire society of Nosnibors resides behind these hidden gateways. They feel safe within these unseen areas of the Catacombs, blocked off from the rest of the world. Most Nosnibor stay inside the Catacombs their entire lives, and very few have ventured out far enough to see the land or sky above.
The Nosnibors have adapted to their limited resources by learning to live simply. They harvest various mosses and fungi to sustain their communities, and all commodities are shared.
Physical Characteristics
Nosnibor stand between four and five feet in height. Their natural skin color has greys, blues and purples with iridescent flecks speckled throughout. They have small leathery webbing under their arms allowing them to glide down from inside the cavern walls. Lining the Nosnibors’ fronts are hard platelike scales to protect their vital organs.