The Drachoreus are an ancient and mystical species relying heavily on their deep connection with water. Drachoreus believe themselves to be the first creations of Anaxygosal, god of water. This close tie to the life force which flows throughout Revilo has brought them to the Marsh. They have made their life in the Marsh, living in homes atop floating islands of land. Although the Drachoreus look intimidating, they are actually quite a peaceful and dependable group.

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The Drachoreus continually travel throughout the swamps during the year to ensure the fish and frog populations do not dwindle from over-harvesting.
Drachoreus live in groups called sounders, which are usually composed of seven families. The head of each family sits as part of a council to make important decisions for the sounder. Recently the Drachoreus have found their magic beginning to fade. Each sounder has sent representatives to the other regions to see if magic is fading throughout Revilo, or if it is only affecting the Marsh.
Physical Characteristics
The Drachoreus have many tusks, and when they come of age the large tusk on their snout grows a face. They wear clothing on the lower half of their bodies, but rarely wear anything above their stomach. A hard shell grows from their spine and covers most of their back. Drachoreus appear to be large, dense and bulky yet they are extremely quick on their feet. Their swift movements and natural connection to the landscape allows them to be considerably nimble for their size.