Reaper of the Lakanap Tribe

The Lakanap Reapers are the most compassionate and gentle of this ancient species. Nomadic by nature, they do not have any permanent settlements. Never wanting to exhaust the natural resources in any given region, they continue to migrate. These benign beasts are truly one with nature, and feel a deep connection to Creedona. Two factions of the Lakanap Reapers have only recently reunited to once again form the Great Tribe. It was a time for celebration, and a time for mourning.
Unlike other Reaper tribes the Lakanaps have mushroom-like growths springing up along their backs. It is not uncommon to see them grazing on each other’s fungal growth.The mushrooms themselves have a potent life force within them, allowing those who ingest the fungi to stay younger and healthier for a long span of time. Most of the Lakanap tribe’s age may prove to be deceiving, but their wisdom certainly will not. They are one of the wisest and well respected tribes amongst the Reapers.