Krahlee the Reaper


The Reapers of the Seekashah Tribe have adapted to the drifting waters of the Marsh. They are the most introverted of the Reaper bloodlines and are fairly reclusive when it comes to interactions with other intelligent creatures. The Seekashahs spend most of their days in the mudhole flats they have dug underneath the floating islands of land that the top-siders of the Marsh inhabit.

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These small Reapers are nocturnal, and only come to the surface at night to hunt and forage. Working in groups, or coves, the Seekashah Reapers share the responsibilities of collecting enough food for their entire cove. Once they have returned to their hidden homes, the bounty is split amongst them all.
Evolving over time, their top head became more bird-like to easily camouflage their appearance in the swamps. The lower of the two faces spends most of its time lurking under the water allowing the top head to keep watch and avoid becoming prey. The top head is responsible for most of their decisions and speaking, while the bottom face has excellent eyesight, even underwater, making it the perfect sentry.
Physical Characteristics
Seekashah stand slightly hunched over at close to five feet in height. Their strong legs are securely planted in the mud of the Marsh with their webbed, claw-lined feet. They have great natural armor from their thick, leathery skin to the ridged, bony plating of their underbellies. The crest atop their heads has natural holes which allow whistling sounds to flow through them with the breeze. They often use this as a second language to communicate with others from their cove.