Krahlee the Reaper


When the gods of Revilo went into hibernation Reapers were the first documented race to appear. Over time they spread from the Icy Divide across the continent. The fiercest of their tribes, known as the Seekahsah, settled The Marsh. It didn’t take long for them to become the most formidable predator in that habitat.

Evolving over time, their top head became more bird-like to easily camouflage their appearance in the swamps. The lower of the two faces spends most of it’s time lurking under the water allowing the top head to hunt their prey. The top head is responsible for most of their decisions and speaking, while the bottom face has excellent eyesight, even underwater, making it the perfect sentry.

The Seekahsah are a fairly reclusive tribe when it comes to interactions with other intelligent creatures. There are not many stories of meetings between them and other races going well. Because of this few travelers journey to The Marsh in fear of never returning.

The Marsh
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