The Rinkelsnirs can be found in the tropical trees lining the edges of the Salts’ beaches. Their long tails allow them to dangle from the limbs, while their snouts suck nectar or insects from the lush trees. The Rinkelsnir are hunted by many of the larger creatures of the Salts, and have a hard exoskeleton on their backs to protect them from predators.

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Rinkelsnirs in a mission, or group, collect fruit and other food to share with the community. The biggest and strongest of any mission is always their leader. Rinkelsnirs are known for the deliciously tender meat beneath their hard shells. Revilians and outlanders alike have travelled to this sandy shore in pursuit of this delicacy that fetches a very high price. Rinkelsnir leaders have been known to draw hunters away so the rest of the mission can escape in another direction.
Physical Characteristics
Rinklesnir stand about a foot tall, and are a little over two feet in length, including their tails. They have a hard metallic green shell lining their backs with similar protection around part of their hind legs. The backside of their hands is hard and leathery from walking on them with their palms aimed towards the air. A Rinklesnir’s four eyes enhance its sight, which is helpful when looking for smaller insects, which are a large part of their diet. Rinklesnirs’ prehensile tails have forty-two vertebrae, allowing for an impressive grip.