The Salazarites, commonly referred to as Devil Moon Jumpers, are large creatures resembling spiders. They love anywhere dark and cool, and most often make their homes in caverns. Salazarite clusters can be found throughout the regions of Revilo, possessing slightly different colorations and abilities based on their location.

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No matter where they are encountered all Salazarite pincers are considered to be powerful good luck charms. These mandibles are presumed to be filled with an ancient magic, and anyone in possession of a Pincer of Protection is said to be impervious to harm.  
A Salazarite cluster is commanded by their queen, who is usually the oldest and largest. Salazarites continue to grow unceasingly as they age, so the largest of these critters is always the oldest. The queen sends raiding parties in search of prey to bring back to the rest of the cluster. When these rangers return empty handed, clusters have been known to eat some of their abundant unhatched eggs. In battle, Salazarites utilize their numbers by working together to quickly create large swarms. These angry masses then easily engulf any possible meal that enters their domain.
Physical Characteristics
Far more terrifying than any spider, these vile beasts can leap ten times their length. That can be quite the jump, considering that the oldest known Salazarites are almost twenty feet tall. Their six eyes move independently of one another, allowing the Salazarite to see in almost every direction. Their top side is covered in a hard bone-like exoskeleton, while underneath their torso is a soft and leathery ribbed texture.