Reaper of the Nanti Tribe

Reapers were the first beings, born from the gods, to walk the earth. For this reason, they are some of the most revered creatures in all of Revilo. Over time they have spread from the Icy Divide across the other regions of the continent and even out to sea. Reapers of the Nanti Tribe favored Anaxygosal, finding themselves more comfortable in the water than living on land. As generations passed their legs evolved into a prehensile tail, much like that of a seahorse. The tribal families of Nanti are spread around the coasts of Revilo with heavier populations up the eastern shore and in the Salts.

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There are many groups, or flocks, of Nanti throughout the waters surrounding Revilo. Each flock claims an area of the sea as their own, and generally will not cross into the territory of another flock. Even though the Nanti are not the largest or the strongest creatures at sea, they are some of the most respected. All aquatic life, whether sentient or not, is submissive to these Reapers. In contrast, Greyskrulls consider Nanti to be a delicacy, and will pay a very high price for a fresh kill.
Physical Characteristics
Nanti are approximately five feet long when their tail is straightened. However, as they begin to swim through the water and curl their tails inward, they become closer to three feet in height. The small face partially down their chest belongs to the intelligent being who is responsible for all of their thinking and communicating, while their strong top head scavenges for food and protects the body. Hundreds of suckers line their underbelly, which allow the Nanti to affix themselves with great strength. Along their backs is a snail-like shell, known as a domesta, which grows with their bodies as they age. This domesta adds a safe haven for the Nanti should they ever need to recede into this rigid case.