The Snikwah live in the flowing lava of the Fiery Pits. These long serpent-like creatures glide like streams of magma amidst the rocks, allowing them to go unnoticed by most. They have been known to grow up to forty feet in length, and some of the eldest Snikwahs grow wings as they mature. The wings double as fins while they dive and swim deep into the volcanic pits.

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On days when the Fiery Pits are erupting, Snikwah can be seen circling the volcanoes above the emissions. The Snikwah have made friends with the Basalites who live within the volcanoes, but rarely associate with others. Though the Snikwah are slightly sentient, they do not use speech or have any form of evolved societies.
Physical Characteristics
Snikwahs’ backs are coated in golden orange scales while their leathery underbellies have more silver tones. Their snouts come to a sharp point on both the top and the bottom, allowing for multiple ways to pierce any who try to attack them. Lining their spines are large bone fins that sometimes can be seen skimming above the surface as the Snikwah swim through the lava, using the end of their tails as a rudder. As Snikwahs age and their wings develop, they also grow hands used for crawling and climbing when not in the lava.