Sorcias have the longest standing and the most advanced civilization in Revlio. Their largest city, Dalakbruel, consists of an intricate tunnel system underneath the Wajue and was first built over 1200 years ago. It was only after it had reached its utmost capacity that the Sorcias then spread out to create additional cities using the abandoned tunnels left behind by Sand Worms.

Sorcias are known for their ingenuity when creating mechanical devices. They are tinkers and inventors by nature. Almost all of their mechanisms are powered by methane harvested from the excrement of the Sand Worms living in the Wajue Desert. They are also known to be extremely logical creatures very rarely becoming involved in battle or wars.

The oldest and wisest among their inner council have noticed that the Sand Worms have not laid a single egg since humans began settling Revilo. This has become a growing concern, knowing the source of all of their energy could die with this generation of wormlings.