The Sorcias are tinkerers and inventors by nature, known for their ingenuity when creating mechanical devices. Almost all of their mechanisms are powered by the methane harvested from the excrement of the Livna sand worms. The Sorcias are also known to be extremely logical and judicious creatures, and they very rarely become involved in conflicts or wars.

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The Sorcias have the most advanced and the longest standing civilization in Revlio. Their largest city, Dalakbruel, was first built almost twelve thousand years ago within the intricate Livna tunnels beneath the Wajue. Only after Dalakbruel had reached its utmost capacity did the Sorcias spread out through the abandoned Livna tunnels to create two additional cities, Senojmit and Neednul.
The oldest and wisest among the Sorcia inner council have discovered that the Livna have not been laying eggs since the outlanders began settling in Revilo. This has become a growing concern, as the Sorcias begin to fear that the source of all their energy could die with this generation of wormlings.
Physical Characteristics
Sorcia have a short, stout posture standing approximately forty-two inches in height. Their bodies are covered in a thick blue and silver fur to keep warm in the cool desert tunnel system. They have long snouts and large ears, which help to hear sounds for miles down a tunnel when traveling outside of the city walls. The Sorcias wear clothing with the exception of boots. Their two sharp claws and talon on their feet have made footwear challenging.