Hassanavul are a very rare, fox-like species not native to Revilo. They first emerged fifteen years ago when a small group of Hassanavul, sailing from their foreign land, were shipwrecked in the Salts. The survivors of the crash traveled east on a quest to find a new home. These clever creatures picked up the language quickly, and are now proficient in both Revilian and their native tongue Ghyrmanic.

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Over the course of their time in Revilo, there has been dissention throughout their arde, or group, and consequently they have split into two factions. The majority continued east in the larger arde, determined to find a suitable home for resettlement. Meanwhile, the smaller arde turned back westward in search of a lost cub.
Hardly anyone in Revilo knows of the Hassanavul due to their magical cloaking qualities. Every Hassanavul is born with a gem in the center of their forehead that will protectively turn them completely invisible. As they age they learn to control when and how the invisibility works, and can even cloak others. The gems also act as a reflection of their current emotional state, changing color to mirror their mood. Highly in tune Hassanavul can also use their gem to show the emotions of others.

Physical Characteristics
A grown Hassanavul stands approximately eighteen inches tall when resting on their hind legs. Although they can walk on two legs they most often travel on all fours. They have small tree-like horns growing off of their foreheads that can be used quite effectively for ramming. However, these discerning and intuitive creatures rarely choose physical violence.