Driademus are a cunning and resourceful species originating in the Floating Forest. Although they can be found scattered throughout Revilo, their largest population still resides within the roots of the Floating Forest. Under the canopy of the Floating Forest they are regarded as lower-class citizens. Working with what little they have, they have built shanty towns woven deep within the roots dangling from the island forest.

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Upon entering the tangled maze of roots formed from the trees above, you can assume at least one Driademus is watching you. They move through the roots like a fish swims through water. They have amazing strength and balance, and can climb, slide, and leap with uncanny ability. Despite being a boisterous bunch, Driademus are faithfully loyal to their kind. They will fiercely stand alongside even their greatest foe if they believe one of their brothers is threatened by an outsider.   
Most Driademus in the Floating Forest find work mining the crystals growing on the roots of this magical forest. The pay for picking these glowing crystals is not a fair wage, but it is dependable. Unlike the forest floor above, the root system is a very dark and gloomy place. Very little sunlight makes it to the center of the roots, and most of the light emits from the crystals. Mining does not suit all of the Driademus, and some have left their humble beginnings to establish new communities in other areas of Revilo.
Physical Characteristics
Driademus average just about five feet tall with their long torsos making up two thirds of their height. Their snouts jut away from their lower lip, and curl up at the tip of their nose. Driademus fur is usually a reddish hue. However, a community of them has been established in the Icy Divide, and their pelts lean closer to blue. They wear clothing, but tend to dress in simple tunics, pants, and boots.