Orlock the Basalite


The Basalites have long been rumored to be direct descendants of The Embreson, god of passion and heat. Their bloodlines date back to when the first Reapers appeared in Revilo, and the gods went into the Hibernation. They tunneled their way out of the lava-filled Fiery Pits where they live in search of other creatures.

Upon interacting with other races in Revilo this passionate race of creatures quickly learned how cruel others could be. As a culture they then decided to return to the Fiery Pits waiting for The Embreson to awaken from his centuries-long slumber.

Because the inner caverns of the Fiery Pits are so hot they would melt the flesh off of most that enter, there is not much more information about the Basalites. Very few have ever encountered these creatures.

The Fiery Pits
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