Orlock the Basalite


The Basalites have long been rumored to be direct descendants of the Embreson. Their bloodlines have been traced back to shortly after the first Reapers appeared in Revilo. Many historians have theorized that the Embreson broke off pieces of himself to create the first Basalites.

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During the Age of Waiting the Basalites tunneled their way out of the lava-filled Fiery Pits, searching for new creatures. Upon interacting with other species this passionate race of creatures quickly learned how cruel others could be. As a culture they then decided to return to the Fiery Pits. Here they wait for the Embreson’s awakening from his centuries-long slumber.
After many years of isolation, the Basalites’ passion has turned inward to an over-protection of their home. Now they are quick to mistrust outsiders who wander into their region in search of riches. They also feel that those who come to the Fiery Pits to take their precious gemstones away are not just taking valuable stones, but a piece of the Embreson. They will fight to the death to keep these pieces within the Fiery Pits.
Physical Characteristics
Basalites stand approximately three feet tall. Their teeth, which jut out from their underbite, and their yellowed eyes are often the only clues revealing their location when camouflaged in the volcanoes. The upper torso of a Basalite looks as though they are formed from the rocks inside of the Fiery Pits with veins of lava constantly flowing around their bodies. The lava then moves down into their lower half where they take on more of slug-like appearance, even leaving behind a similar iridescent trail as they travel.