The Inquisitor

Once regarded as the ultimate truth-seeker, The Inquisitor’s descent into madness seems to be the only thing that most in Revilo remember about him. He was hired by the Reaper Collective, a ruling group of representatives from each of the Reaper tribes, to find truths when creatures were put on trial.

When The Inquisitor asked a question he was able to pull the truth from the minds of those he was interrogating, even if they were reluctant to share. After many years of helping keep justice in Revilo, the burden of knowing so many horrible secrets began to take its toll on The Inquisitor’s mind. He started becoming delusional, believing the secrets he had captured were his own.

In an effort to release some of these secrets he created The Keepers of Secrets. The Inquisitor harnessed all of his power, setting in motion a magic that chooses babies at birth to have a locked compartment on their body. Within this space they are able to keep the truths and secrets of others.

As soon as this first spell was unleashed, creating other secret keepers, The Inquisitor was drained of all his life force and met his end. He helped keep truth throughout the lands of Revlio for many years and his legacy, the Keepers of Secrets, has continued that tradition for generations.