Wajue de Ruchong


    One of the largest expanses of land in Revilo is The Wajue Dessert. What seemed like a barren, desolate, wasteland was really filled with life….though most of it underground. Above ground was similar to deserts in our world, very hot and dry during the day and chillingly cold at night. Vegetation was so sparse I had decided to head back in the direction I had come, when I stumbled over a hole.

    Realizing that it was more of a tunnel than a hole, I made a torch and began my descent underground. There I found the Wajue de Ruchong or Digger of the Worm. They are one of the most prevalent races in the region. Each time a litter is born, there is easily a dozen or more birthed. Though not the smartest, they are an extremely hard-working lot.

    They live along side giant sand worms worshiping them and dedicating their lives to the worms’ service. In doing so they are constantly working like ants to dig intricate tunnels throughout the desert. Their compact bodies are perfect for burrowing and digging. With sharp teeth, claw-like hands, and pointy ridges of bone protruding from their bellies and skulls these little guys can create giant underground tunnels in no time.

    © Copyright - Brian Colin