Wild Cat


    While fetching water to boil for my morning coffee, during one of my expeditions into Revilo, I saw tracks I could only define as large and feline. I followed them nearly 4 miles to a small cave; truly testing my tracking abilities.

    Rather than enter the lair of a beast, I climbed the surrounding rocks and waited patiently. Most of the day had come and gone by the time I heard some commotion near the mouth of the cave. It was an argument between the beautifully marked cat and a squirrel-like creature that was growing out of his shoulders. From what I could tell they were debating whether or not to go back down to the river and kill the strange creature (which must be me) for dinner.

    I didn’t budge an inch as I took in everything I could about this creature. It was about the size of a North American Bobcat. On it’s head were antlers that looked like contorted trees. His shoulders and back looked as though there was bark growing on them. Lastly there was the squirrel that had tree roots for legs and a boney, spiny back. I thought I was in the clear, when suddenly he snapped his head back in my direction flaring his nostrils. I quickly raised my rifle and fired off a round.

    © Copyright - Brian Colin